CCM Group - Cognitive and Computational Musicology Group

The aim of Cognitive and Computational Musicology is the systematic analysis and description of music processes and phenomena, primarily via the development of computational models. Cognitive Musicology is concerned with modeling aspects of music perception and cognition, whereas Computational Musicology is concerned with modeling musical processes inspired by research in music cognition (but not modeling cognitive processes per se) and/or by other systematic theories of musical understanding (music theory, music semiotics, mathematical and statistical models of music, etc.). This domain is inherently interdisciplinary bringing together diverse fields of inquiry such as musicology, music theory/analysis, cognition, auditory perception, acoustics, linguistics, informatics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience.

Research Topics

A research product of the CMM group in the context of the COINVENT project is the CHAMELEON melodic harmonisation system. For more information please visit the CHAMELEON webpage:

HArmonisation of
MELodies via
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