Creative examples by composers using the CHAMELEON assistant

Τhe CHAMELEON system can be used creatively by composers as a rich source of harmonisation ideas; it can provide novel harmonic frameworks/backgrounds for free development of musical textures.

Towards the end of Spring 2016, a compositional task was assigned to a number of composers or composition students in Thessaloniki. The task involved the elaboration and variation of a modal Greek folk melody for the composition of a piano miniature. Four traditional melodies were given, along with a wide variety of diverse harmonisations produced by CHAMELEON. The composers selected the melody of their preference and the harmonisation/s that they considered most interesting/inspiring, and created their miniature compositions.

Seven miniatures for piano were performed by Fani Karagianni at a concert held at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki on 19 October 2016.

Audio performances and scores of the seven miniatures:

Michalis Goutis: "Apopse ta mesanychta"

Zesses Seglias: "Tonight Midnight"

Giorgos Papaoikonomou: "Apopse ta mesanychta"

Dimitris Maronidis: 7 COnsecutive INVENTions

Lazaros Tsavdaridis: "Mōrē kontoula lemonia"

Yiannis Sakellaris: "Mōrē kontoula lemonia"

Stella Dalampira: "Mōrē kontoula lemonia"