Creative Melodic Harmonisation in Different Harmonic Idioms

Melodic harmonisation with constraints

Example I – Bach Chorale melody

Bach Chorale melody harmonised in the Bach Chorale style. Constraint chords are indicated by asterisks. Different harmonic paths are generated due to user-defined constraints resulting in different novel harmonisations (voice leading manually adjusted).

Bach melody - no constraints
No constraints

Bach melody - beginning and ending constraints
Beginning and ending chords constrained

Bach melody - beginning, middle and ending constraints
Beginning, middle and ending chords constrained

Bach melody - middle constraint
Middle chord constrained

Example II – Beethoven Theme

Beethoven’s theme of the second movement of Ab major Sonata no. 8 is harmonised using the Kostka-Payne learned harmonic idiom with and without constraints (the version with constraints is much richer – constraint chord indicated by boxes).

Beethoven melody

No constraints

User-defined chord constraints shown in boxes

Melodic harmonisations in diverse harmonic styles

Example I – Bach Chorale melody

First two melodic phrases from J.S.Bach’s Chorale nr. 110  harmonised in a Renaisance modal chorale style, in medieval Fauxbourdon style and, even, in the Epirus polyphonic song styles.

Modal chorale harmonisation

Modal Chorale style

Faux Bourdon harmonisation

Fauxbourdon style

Epirus harmonisation

Epirus polyphonic song style

Example II – traditional Greek melody ‘Tou Kitsou i mana’

Toy Kitsou i mana

Fauxbourdon style

Bach Chorale style

Hindemith style

Example III - Gabriel Fauré: Beginning of Sicilienne for cello and piano (op. 78)

Sicilienne Hindemith

Hindemith style

Sicilienne Jazz

Jazz style

Additional selected harmonisations of popular melodies in diverse harmonic styles

- Melody of "Let it go" (soundtrack of "Frozen") harmonised in the styles of:

- Bach chorales
- The Beatles
- Fauxbourdon
- Neotonal
- Whitacre

- The Melody of "Michelle" by The Beatles harmonised in the styles of:

- Kostka-Payne corpus
- Modal chorales
- Tango
- Jazz
- The Beatles

- The melody of the Tetris game (traditional Russian song "Korobeiniki") in the stlyles of:

- Bach chorales
- Organum
- Homophonic renaissance
- Jazz

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